Reducing the costs and complexities of compliance with regulatory requirements in finance and administration, working in partnership with NatWest.

Architects of financial administrative controls for easier regulatory compliance.

Working in partnership with NatWest and other banks, we enable clients to comply with statutory and regulatory requirements in less time, for less costs and to a higher degree of quality.

We offer over twenty years experience in business process improvement work, including legal cashiering that complies with the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) Accounts Rules in England & Wales.  

Our team includes accredited FreeAgent practitioners, sponsored by the NatWest Group, but we don't just crunch the numbers. We also provide document management and storage services from our warehouse in Consett, County Durham, about 14 miles south-west of Newcastle upon Tyne.

Whether you're Britain's biggest banking group, or a business start-up barely off the ground, ACACI helps control the complexities of compliance, and cut costs. 

Who we help:


Practice Managers

Regulated legal practices in England & Wales


Property Managers

Property portfolio owners and managers


Project Managers

Professional project portfolio managers


Probate Managers

Executor, trustees and estate administrators 

To control the costs and complexities of compliance, request your free no-obligation consultation today.

To our clients, we're a trusted compliance officer for finance and administration, ensuring regulatory compliance when holding client monies and assets.